Montag, 28. September 2015

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28.09.2015 - The everyday life returns

Today I'm going to write in english to improve my knowledge until now.
For me it's a new way of writing the Blog because it's not that easy to write in english.
I have to talk all the time in english here but I think talking in english is much easier than writing. Whatever, today I was in the school. I had freetime in the first lesson so I could do my homework from the german school. Yesterday my math teacher sent me an e-mail with the stuff we do now. So I had a lot of work today. In the first lesson I had to write everything down. After the first lesson was english on my timetable. The english teacher did some exercises to improve the knowledge of the tense. After that we played a game. It was a game where you only can use the mime. We were in three groups. One group had to go to the black board. Then the teacher showed them what they have to do. She had cards with phrases like ''playing computer games''. When all the group members knew how to show it they started. They tried to show only with the mime what they are doing. If someone of the other groups knew what they are doing, they had to go to the black board and write it down in a whole sentence without mistakes in spelling or the tense. The group who was first with a correct sentence gets a point. 
After the english lesson I had another freetime to do my math homework. I had a lot to do. After this lesson of freetime there was a break. During the break I'm always outside to talk to the other exchange stundents. It's a good feeling to talk to them about their impressions and feelings. One girl is from Austria so I can speak german with her. It's the best feeling. Because I know that she really understands what I wanted to say.
After this break I had biology. We started to watch a film about the cell. The film was in english and it also had english subtitles because sometimes it was hard to understand what they are saying. 
In the fifth lesson I also had freetime and I could finish my math homework. I was really excited that I understood everything. At first I doubt that I understand all of it because it's hard to learn something in math when there is no one who can explain it.
After I finished my homework I had a lesson which is named ''PROJECT''. In this lesson all the students from the exchange can sit together to talk about the ERASMUS+ project. Their impressions, feelings, the things they know about, the things they learned and something like that. Sometimes it's very difficult because the english level is very different. The girl from Italy is on a linguistic school and her english is nearly perfect. She has a big vocabulary and speaks very fluently. My english level and the level from the austrian girl are nearly the same. Sometimes we don't know the word in english and have to explain it or we don't understand some words but all in all we can talk to people in english and we also understand them. The boy from Portugal isn't very good in english. He told us that he only learns spanish at his school and has no english lessons so he only can say a few words like hello, goodbye, how are you and something like that. It's very difficult to communicate with him. But he can speak spanish and the girl from italy can speak spanish too because she also learns spanish at her school. So most of the time they both speak spanish and she translates it for me and the austrian girl.
After the sixth lesson school was over and we went home by bus. Now we both are doing our homework and then we want to go to a shop and buy some postcards for me.
In the evening Elena has taekwondo training but I will stay at her house to write my postcards and talk to my friends and family. When she is back at home we have dinner and go to bed.

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