Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

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30.09.2015 - 1/3 is already over

Today I'm going to write in english again because not much has happened.
I was in school like everyday. Today I had two lessons of freetime at the beginning of the day. Than I had math. In math, they now deal with combinatorics. Even though I had already it's hard to understand because the explanation is in spanish. I tried to follow but it wasn't that easy. After math there was the first break. It's about 20 minutes to have a snack or go outside. Only students which are 16 and older are allowed to go outside of the school. My hostsister is 15 years old but because I'm 17 I'm allowed to go outside. The other exchange students are as old as me, so we go together. After this break I had scientific culture. Till now I don't really understand was this subject is about and no one can tell me because they're speaking another language. In the last lessons of scientific culture we watched a film with the name ''Agora''. It's a historical film. The only problem I had was, that we watched the film in spanish. So I can't really follow and had to quess what the plot is about. Last lesson we finished the film and today we had to discuss about it. This was difficult for me too because as I already said I didn't understand anything in the film. The other students told us what the film is about and why we watched it. Then I had art. In the art classes, the exchange students have to design business cards. The teacher told us some jobs the cards should be about, like teacher, computer scientist and writer. When we finished creating this business cards they want to hang them on wall in the school. Art was my last subject on this day. In the sixth lesson I had another freetime. Today I only did homework for the german classes. In germany we read a book called ''Der Vorleser'' and I have to read this book and write a characterization of one of the main characters. I finished this work but I have to write it down again because my signature was horrible. 
After school I and Elena went home. She has a lot of homework and has to study very much because next week she has her first exam. So I have a lot of time to talk to my friends and family in germany. That's of course no problem for me because I really miss them. 
But today I'm since 10 days in spain and there are only 20 days left. 1/3 is already over as the heading says.


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