Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2015

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08.10.2015 - Wochenende / weekend / Fin de semana / cap de setmana

Today I'm going to write in english again because nothing special happened. At first I was in school like everyday. I had only biology, english and math today. The other lessons were freetime. I wrote down all the things that we did in germany. Sometimes it's really difficult to understand the things I write down but I try my best. 
After school we went home. Today we are going to do NOTHING because we are very tired. Yesterday Elena had much homework and we stayed awake till 1 am. So today we only hang around and watch tv or do other 'easy' things. Later we will have dinner. Her mother told me that the dinner today consists of chicken, pepper, onion and potatos. I think that sounds really good. The food here is very different so sometimes I don't really like it. But when I don't like it the mother do other things for me. 
Tomorrow is no school so we can sleep how long we want to. That's the best thing I think.

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