Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2015

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13.10.2015 - The last week

Today I'm going to write in english again. My morning starts at 7 o'clock. In the first lesson I had freetime like everyday. Then I had biology, math and art. In the art lesson I have to draw business cards. Now I'm at home and Elena is doing her homework. She has a lot of homework and have to study most of the time because here in spain it's the time of the exams now. Sometimes she feels bad about studying all the time because we can't go outside and do lot of things but I always say her that it's no problem for me because the school is very important. For me it's also very relaxing to do nothing so it's sometimes good that she has to study. The spanish people always want to go outside. They are doing a lot of things during the day maybe for me it's a lot because the day here is much longer than the days in germany. We are going to be very late that means we can do a lot of things in the afternoon. Even if I'm here for nearly one month it's very hard for me to stay awake such a long time and I'm always tired. But for Elena it's no problem if I say this to her we don't do so much things. Now it's my last week of school and my last week in spain. On friday I'm going on a trip to Teruel with some students of the school. We want to visit a geological park. My biology teacher Sergi asks me and the other exchange students if we want to come with him and some other students to visit that place. I had to pay 23 euros for this trip because we have to rent a bus. Teruel is far away from Vilafamés and Vall d'Alba so we have to drive a long time. I have to be in Vall d'Alba at half past 7, that means getting up very early. We are back at home at half past 8 so it's a long day and I think when I'm back I will do nothing. I only go to have dinner and then I go to sleep. I don't know what we are going to do on the weekend but I think because it's my last weekend and my last days in spain we will do something with the family. On sunday I have to pack my bag already because monday after school we go to Barcelona to sleep there. Tuesday we have to get up early to because my flight is goes at half past 10 and at least we have to be 2 hours before the flight goes on the airport. I'm really excited to go home soon but I'm also a little bit sad that the time in spain is over because the people here are very friendly and I like most of them. For me it was a very good decision to come here because I really could improve me english knowledge. Unfortunately the time was to short to learn spanish but I can speak a few words like hello, goodbye, good morning, good night, how are you and somethings like that. It was a good time here even if the weather wasn't that great. Today we are going to do nothing I think because Elena has a lot of homework so I will call my friends and family and stay in the house. Today it's no problem because it's raining outside and I don't want to be outside in the rain. 

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